Top Teen--Emily Hager

Did you go to any graduations this spring? They're big celebrations of success for the families and students. But this week, a very successful teen won't be walking to Pomp and Circumstance.

Emily Hager is a 15-year-old junior. Not a junior in high school, but a junior in college at Georgia Southern University. A big accomplishment, but her age is something she doesn't really broadcast to other students.

"Most of them don't ever know," she said.

Emily always excelled in her classes, from the time she first started school. Staying interested was a bit of a struggle because nothing challenged her. So as soon as Emily had the opportunity to jump ahead, she did.

Now, she's finishing high school through home schooling so she can concentrate on college. But, there are some drawbacks.

"All of my friends are in high school and I don't get to see them very often," she told us.

And she won't get a high school prom, something that made her mother, Melinda Roell, think twice before allowing Emily to attend college so early.

"That's hard for a parent, to think, 'Am I really doing the right thing?'" Melinda said.

Apparently, she did do the right thing. Emily has adjusted quite well. And, at 15, is now looking forward to her third year in college. And that's why she's this week's WTOC Top Teen.

And, as if attending college so early isn't enough, Emily has a double major. She's concentrating on linguistics and writing and interior design.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,