Food trucks rolling out for St. Patrick’s festival

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As food truck popularity continues to grow in Savannah, so too will the number of areas food trucks will set up inside the Saint Patrick's Day festival zone this year.

One food truck owner and operator with the Savannah Food Truck Association says profits from this week are huge for the business, and he's already gearing up for Thursday.

Chaz Ortiz has been at the food truck business for two and a half years. He says through hard work, homemade food and help from family, Chazito's reputation has blossomed.

"We've been working hard, event after event. Built our second truck, and opened a brick and mortar shortly after. It's just been going great," said Ortiz.

In fact, Ortiz says the money his first truck made off the St. Patrick's Day festival last year paid for his second truck.

"It's a very inspiring thing to see them. Because that's their dream, that's their passion, and they didn't have that handed to them. They went out there and work for it. And we have, we now have two trucks that started from a truck, and now have their own brick-and-mortar," said Ryan Giannoni, with the Savannah Food Truck Association.

With the food truck business continuing to grow after Savannah passed its food truck ordinance, Giannoni chipped in to buy a lot between City Market and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, where he says four trucks will be open for business during this year's festival.

"This is only going to be a St. Patrick's Day lot. But you can see, it's not much now, but we have had six days to plan, build and produce a food truck park for St. Pat's," said Giannoni.

This is one of at least three locations around this year's festival zone where you'll be able to grab a bite to eat. One of the others is in front of the Bohemian and Cotton Sail hotels, sponsored by the Savannah Downtown Business Association. Yet another will be at the east end of River Street.

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