Some tips for the cold from the American Red Cross

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's going to be cold Wednesday night and we can never repeat tips from the American Red Cross enough.

To keep warm, layer up. You should wear a hat, gloves and insulated boots if you'll be outside. Bring your pets and plants inside, and prevent frozen pipes by letting cold water drip from faucets.

"We always encourage our local residents to have a kit. To make a plan and always be prepared. We just came out of Hurricane Matthew and there were a lot of folks that didn't necessarily have a plan," said Esther Sheppard, Executive Director of the American Red Cross. "In regards to cold air and cold weather and cold temperatures, we really want people to understand that when the temperatures drop, they need to take additional precautions to make sure that they don't lose body temperature by being outside and exposed to the cold air for long periods of time."

To safely heat your home, follow the "three feet" rule and keep flammable items at least three feet from heating equipment. Turn off space heaters when you leave the room and when you go to sleep, and always opt for flashlights instead of candles.

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