Hometown Hero--Patricia Taylor

Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor

For years Patricia Taylor worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers. In doing her job, she's able to combine what she loves to do most, volunteer. It's a combination that's brought her local and national recognition.

She never expected to receive this much attention.

"Having the ability to motivate other people to give and helping them rally around a cause, she's just a terrific volunteer," said Karen Blackard of the United Way.

The attention is for leading the Combined Federal Campaign for the Savannah district, which puts federal money into charities like the United Way. For this she received the Federal Government's Hero Reward. Only ten are given nationwide.

What sparked the desire for Taylor to volunteer happened years ago, when a young man from her church needed help battling cystic fibrosis. "That's how I got started and it just went from there, to the heart association, Red Cross, I worked for the disasters when we had hurricanes," she said.

Her service to the community didn't stop there, last year a coworker was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and couldn't do his job. So Patricia took over until he got better.

"When she was recently nominated for a national award, her daughter turned to me and said she's always been our hero," said Blackard.

Now she's WTOC's Hometown Hero, an announcement that surprised her. "I guess if ya'll say so, that's okay with me," she said. "I don't feel like I deserve it, I've seen Hometown Heroes and the things they do and I don't feel like I'm in their category. I'm a worker bee, they've done a lot of work. I feel honored to be in their presence and along with them."

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Reported by: Nicole MacMillan, nmacmillan@wtoc.com