Memorial Health prepares for St. Patrick's Day

Memorial Health prepares for St. Patrick's Day.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - St. Patrick's Day crowds, unfortunately, leave our emergency rooms crowded as well. More people means more chances to get hurt, or just the excessive partying.

It's a fun time that brings in people from across the country and all over the world. But with Savannah's big St Patrick's Day festival, our local medical teams know they will be in high demand.

"Any time you get that many people visiting your city you're bound to be busy in your Emergency Department," said Dr. Jason Pope from Memorial Health.

Dr. Pope says they prepare for the big party every year.

"We have been doing this a long time. We know that we get busy, particularly busy, on this day and so we do staff up for it."

Memorial's staff will see a lot of injuries and a lot of people who have had a dangerous amount to drink.

"Physical injuries are probably a little more common than alcohol poisoning, although alcohol poisoning is certainly the more dangerous of the two," Dr. Pope explained.

When it comes to physical injuries, Dr. Pope says watch your step.

"In our beautiful city, we have uneven steps, we have cobblestones, and it all is very aesthetically pleasing. But they lead to things as simple as ankle sprains, or an ankle fracture, from falls down our steps."

Several videos have been posted online, including by The Stone Stairs of Death Facebook page, of people doing just that.

As the night goes on, "We certainly do see people who are passing out because they're so drunk and they may need an IV," Dr. Pope said.

Dr. Pope thinks it's always a good idea to have a sober friend who can watch out for alcohol poisoning.

"If your friend is starting to become less and less responsive," he explains, "they're slurring their words, they're having difficulty standing up, that may be a time where you might need to seek emergency help."

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