Savannah EOA, Alpha Phi Alpha host first ever ‘Man Talk Café’

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It was slated to be an opportunity for young parents and teens to pick up some life tips, from dressing for an interview, to social media use and even how to interact with police.

But the target audience was a no-show at the first ever Man Talk Cafe, co-hosted by the Savannah Economic Opportunity Authority and the Alpha Phi Alpha graduate fraternity. Organizers say they aren't discouraged and plan to take the subject matter discussions to other events with hopes of positively impacting young men in the community.

"To move forward we just can't watch the news and say, I wish I could have done this. Or we talk to our friends or our family, these are current issues that are happening in this world. The shootings, kidnappings, drug trafficking, things of that nature, these are very sad events. But if we continue to talk about it and have no action, nothing's going to change," said Enow Ayuk, president of the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter at Savannah State.

Alpha Phi Alpha plans to work with the EOA again soon, as well as through their own initiatives that mentor teens and provide scholarships.

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