Credit Card Security Breach May Affect Millions

You probably use credit cards; however, now there are some new safety concerns over your information. Mastercard says a security breach at a credit card transaction company could put 40 million people at risk for fraud, including holders of other credit cards.

"I think its a horrible thing that they found a breach," said Ahsanti Bullard of Savannah. "I hope that no one's affected and no one's money is stolen and the account is run up and they have to pay the bill."

Mastercard International's security division found multiple instances of fraud that have been traced back to Cardsystems Solutions, a credit card transaction company. Mastercard says a computer virus may have swallowed up names, banks and account numbers, but not addresses or social security numbers. Cardsystems solutions promises a thorough investigation.

"We called in a third party forensics investigator that happens to actually be certified with Mastercard to come in here and do a complete investigation scan of everything, to actually image systems and to go back and do research on what was going on," explained Linda Ford, Senior Vice President of Cardsystems Solutions, Inc.

The security breach does not mean you have to get rid of your credit card; however, financial experts recommend you watch your account for any unusual activity. You may also want to check with the Federal Trade Commission for advice about obtaining a free copy of your credit report.

Nichelle Williams, who's chaperoning her Girl Scout troop from Clinton, Maryland, says that's exactly what she plans to do.

"You really have to go and get your credit report and make sure everything is good," she said. "We have to be proactive and doing that."

If your account has been affected, you should be contacted by your credit card company or bank by mail. Remember, you don't want to give out any personal information over the phone or in an e-mail. For more information about accessing your credit report, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website at:

Reported by: Liz Flynn,