Steeple getting 'TLC' after double whammy storms

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Signs of Matthew recovery can still be seen five months later, but it's something that you won't see for about a week and half that may make you go, hmmm.

Metalcrafts, Inc. of Savannah is taking the lead on getting the Calvary Baptist steeple that was damaged first by Tropical Storm Hermine, then Hurricane Matthew, fixed.  Hermine made a small hole; Matthew took that hole and ripped a good chunk of the metal off like a can of tuna.

Crews took the steeple off with giant cranes from Macs, and you don't get the full spectrum of damage or how large the steeple is until you stand next to it.

Jeffery Lancaster, the vice president of Metalcrafts, said, "It's an important job here because we've done a lot of work on Calvary and we just feel honored to work with them on this project."

Metalcrafts will take off all the old metal, and apply new metal to the aluminum frame and hoist the steeple back up sometime next week or perhaps the week after.  The project is about $50,000.

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