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Good News: Fire Ball

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Firefighters deserve a night to themselves to relax, and for the last 10 years, that night has followed the biggest day of the year in Savannah. 

The Fire Ball is an event that brings together local and out-of-town firefighters for some fun and fundraising. On St. Patrick's Day, they are among everyone's favorite units in the parade, and St. Patrick's night brings one of their favorite parts of the holiday.

"It's a time to celebrate us,’’ Bob Miley, President of the Savannah Firefighters Union said of the Fire Ball. “I'm going to tell you the truth, we are silent professionals.’’

They made a little noise later on Saturday, with local and visiting firefighters coming together and cutting loose at the annual Fire Ball, which has become one of the coolest gatherings during the festival period.

"There is nothing like being in a room filled with these selfless men and women who protect not only Historic Savannah but all the cities around the country,’’ said Jennifer Hinton, the event’s organizer. “I mean, the camaraderie they have for one another, the brotherhood they show for each other at the parade, it's really a special occasion.’’

In addition to celebrating why they do what they do, the Fire Ball helps the local firefighter union do for others, this year's event raising money for several charities, including their own, Paws for a Cause.

"That pairs an off-duty union firefighter with a terminally ill child at one of our hospitals,’’ said Miley. “They spend some time reading to them, create a bond and leave them with a book and one of our logo-printed Dalmatians.’’

This year, a portion of the night's proceeds will also benefit the family of a local firefighter who passed away just days before the ball.

"This is a family type job, where we depend on each other,’’ said Mike Taylor, Vice President of the Emerald Society. “We spend all these hours and all these days growing up together and watching your kids grow up together. We just want to take care of our own, our family.’’

It was a growing family with the first sell out showing how out-of-town firefighters consider the Fire Ball on of the best parts of their trip to Savannah for St. Patrick's Day.

"This year,’’ said Miley, “we have 37 different departments and union professionals represented from Dublin Fire Brigade, Sacramento California, Carlsbad Caverns, right down to St. Petersburg. It is truly a time to celebrate each other and the selfless sacrifice the men and women of this profession give back.’’

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