Savannah’s Sanitation Department cleaning up around the clock

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah's Sanitation Department oversees keeping the streets clean during St. Patrick's Day festival weekend.

Hundreds of employees deployed into teams, patrolling zones and working around the clock. The department's bureau chief says St. Patrick's Day is their biggest event.

They covered the entire festival zone several times starting prior to parade day.

"We came in at 3 a.m. each day and we were sweeping down here which is the last thing we do on River Street by 5 a.m. and we moved up onto Bay Street and worked our way south. We were through with the whole cleanup on Sunday morning by about 7:30," said City of Savannah Sanitation Bureau Chief Gene Prevatt.

Department Head of Park and Tree Gorden Denney says there are easier ways to prevent the litter from happening.

"Keep your litter together. We try to keep people in the squares handing out trash bags so they can - if their bags run out or if they have hit capacity - they can turn around and have another one to start filling instead of setting it down. We tend to find out if trash hits the ground, it grows," Denney said.

While sanitation crews focused on the streets, Park and Tree employees focused on cleaning squares while Parking Services staff operated parking garages and Traffic and Engineering did what it could to keep traffic flowing.

"Both days, primarily Friday and Saturday, were busy. Saturday was exceptionally busy. We have points we monitor for inbound traffic and they were very consistent. The vehicles were steady coming. We didn't see much relief until midnight," said Stephen Henry, Traffic Engineering Administrator, City of Savannah.

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