Alderman Tony Thomas' parade actions under scrutiny

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - One of the premier floats in Friday's St. Patrick's Day Parade was that of the Savannah City Council, with one noticeable member of the council missing.

Alderman Tony Thomas was forced to walk the parade route this year after starting his drinking a bit too early.

The company that provided the float for city council this year told WTOC Monday, Tony Thomas was too big a liability to allow to ride with the rest of council.

Then there are the picture and video of the alderman sitting in the lobby of the DeSoto Hilton Hotel Friday morning, passed out at one point, falling out of his chair and spilling his drink at another and ironically being helped back to his feet by what appears to be a visiting police officer or firefighter.

Once Thomas made it to the City Council Float, they tell me it got ugly as the parade was kicking off.

The driver of the float - rented from a company out of South Carolina called Southeastern Float - told his superiors the alderman wasn't drinking that he was already drunk and "...he could barely stand up."

The report went on to say the driver was "...afraid the alderman would fall off the float."

However, Thomas was not happy about the assessment of his condition. The driver says Thomas "...used profanity when he was told he could not ride on the City Council float and we had to call in the Mayor to intervene."

For his part, Alderman Thomas posted, not on his Alderman Facebook page but his personal, an apology for his drunkenness, saying in part, "...I take responsibility for my slip and ask for your forgiveness."

I reached out to the alderman on his cell phone Monday afternoon for a comment on the incident. He simply hung up.

We'll let you know if city council takes any action against the alderman for his behavior during what is Savannah's single biggest public event.

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