Trolleys enjoy busy St. Patrick’s Day weekend

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Most Savannah businesses cashed in on the busy St. Patrick's Day weekend. They're hoping to keep that momentum going.

Old Savannah Tours says this week has been one of their busiest ever. This week makes up a lot of the business lost last year after Hurricane Matthew.

The Friday date for St. Patrick's Day coupled with the weather led to a big week.

"We were lucky enough to have the families and the vacationers here for the spring and the nice weather Monday through Thursday. They were taking trolley tours and enjoying the city and walking around. This week is turning out to be just as powerful as last weekend," said Marcia Banes, with Old Savannah Tours.

Banes says spring is the most important part of the year for their business. They hope Savannah's growing popularity leads to a record year.

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