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Port Wentworth police arrest over 100 during St. Patrick's Day weekend

Daniel Horry in handcuffs (Source: Port Wentworth PD) Daniel Horry in handcuffs (Source: Port Wentworth PD)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
Stats from the weekend (Source: WTOC) Stats from the weekend (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

Targeting drunk and dangerous drivers—a task that left Port Wentworth police busy this weekend. In total, they made more than 100 arrests in their 8th annual Operation Lucky Charms road checks.

Officers set up 14 over the three-day weekend, starting Thursday afternoon. In addition to the ones on busy roads, officers also set up at a lot of neighborhoods in the city. Police made seven fewer arrests this year compared to last despite working one less day.

There were two police chases as well.

A drunk driver behind the wheel of a speeding black car had plans to get away from police early Saturday morning. It started in Pooler when officers went to stop the apparent drunk driver.

That's when the car sped by officers waiting with stop sticks. A Port Wentworth police officer pitted the driver just a couple miles up the interstate.

The man behind the wheel, Darrel Horry, jumped out and tried to run. Arriving officers tackled and arrested Horry not far from his car.

A second other chase involved a hit-and-run driver with a suspended license. It ended a short distance from where it started without any injuries as well.

"I would have thought that people would have known not to drink and drive or do anything illegal driving through the city of Port Wentworth, but they still do and we're here to catch them,” said Port Wentworth Police Sergeant Nathan Jentzen.

In total, officers cited 660 drivers, arrested 109, 40 of them for DUI, 37 with drugs and others who were wanted or had suspended licenses.

"Our main goal was to not arrest anybody which did not happen this year, though,” said Jentzen.

The first chase could have ended in disaster on a busy interstate.

"St Patrick's day is a big holiday in Savannah. It's a big drinking holiday. We want to make sure that everybody goes home safely, gets to where they're going safely,” said Jentzen.

With the startling numbers seen this year, officers are now gearing up for their ninth operation in 2018. 

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