Consider This: Litter

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Another Season of St. Patrick is behind us, and once again the emerald shine of the city was put on display for tens of thousands of visitors who flocked to Savannah to see one of the best parades and partake in our St. Patrick's parties.

Those who came here for the parade will take with them many memories, but they also left behind quite a mess. Sadly, it's not just the visitor's weekend trip we need to clean up from, as litter is a constant and rampant problem for an otherwise beautiful city.

And it shouldn't be. Litter is stupid isn't it?

The US  spends more money picking up litter than we do picking up garbage. And the litter that gets thrown in the road gets washed into drainage pipes that go directly to the rivers and the ocean. So the plastic six pack ringer that gets thrown down in city market strangles sea birds and marine life on Ossabaw Island.

It's just stupid.

And Consider This: neighborhoods that are littered send a message that they aren't cared for. That in turn, draws more litter and broken windows and ultimately crime.  Disrespect grows. A public-private partnership between the City of Savannah and businesses under the leadership of Greg Parker has set about to reduce litter in our city by 50 percent this year.

They're doing their part to keep our city green and clean year round. For others not to do so would just be plain stupid.

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