Army Father-Daughter Team to Attend Jump School Together

The Whites work out together.
The Whites work out together.

Yesterday was Fathers' Day, but one dad and daughter are taking family ties to new heights. They'll be the first to take on some of the Army's toughest training together. To anyone's knowledge, they are the first to take on the airborne challenge together.

Glory White is a young woman with a purpose, an Army brat who's now an ROTC cadet at Georgia Southern. "My dad was very excited when I joined the Army, so I'm kind of following in his footsteps, so I think that's something most dads want," she said.

This week the nursing student leaves for three weeks of paratrooper training at Fort Benning.

"When I found out she got a slot for jump school, I was a little jealous," said her father, Sgt. 1st Class Richard White.

Enough so, the dental clinic manager also decided to apply and join her as the Army's first father-daughter team in the same airborne class.

"I was excited about it," said Glory. "My dad and my commander thought it would be great for him to try and tag along."

"Try and tag along" is a daughter's jab at her dad's age. He'll be at least 20 years older than the rest of their class, but must be in the same shape.

Despite the challenge, he considers them both fortunate. "There are very, very few soldiers who can go through the Army with their children. Most of the time, there's a ten-year lag and for father and daughter to go through, this is kind of special."

Both say there will be some pressure to have the other person there and not everyone finishes the challenge. But having each other for support could make the road a little easier.

Sgt. 1st Class White will turn 44 in the middle of jump school.

If it sounds unusual for medical personnel to practice jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, both father and daughter say it is something they could be called on to do at any time and they both want to be ready.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,