Proud to be a Georgia Farmer: Matt Blitch

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Riding in a truck with Matt Blitch isn't the same as walking in his shoes.

He can tell stories of farming peanuts and other crops with his dad back in the old days.

"Yeah, we grew up with a two-row peanut picker, open cab tractor. You mashed the clutch at the end of the row and the dust just eats you up," said Blitch.

Fast forward to GPS-guided tractors that plow six rows at a time, but cost more than most houses.

"At the end of the day, it's go big or go home," Blitch said.

To justify the high-priced equipment, you must grow more acres. He says he and other growers have gotten more efficient, in part from research from the Georgia Peanut Commission.

The commission also helps find new markets for a timeless crop.

"They work to promote peanuts around the world because that's what we are. We're a world commodity," Blitch said.

He is proud of global efforts to get peanut-based protein products into impoverished countries to fight hunger and malnutrition. But he knows it's up to him and other growers to successfully raise the crop in the first place.

"We've got the technology. If we get the weather, we can make a crop. Because making yields is the game," said Blitch.

A game that provides for his family, his community and makes him proud to be a Georgia farmer.

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