Consider This: Tony Thomas recall consideration

Consider This: Tony Thomas recall consideration

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Mayor of Savannah has a blight problem, and it's not just old, abandoned homes sprinkled throughout our neighborhoods. No, his new blight problem is the unsightly mess of our 6th District Alderman Tony Thomas.

Thomas, who has past more checkered past than the final flag at Daytona, once again became an embarrassment to our city and especially his district, after photos of him passed out on St. Patrick's Day while out in public went viral. And then to make matters worse, as if it were possible, WTOC confirmed that the Alderman was not allowed to ride on the city council's float because he was too drunk.

Instead, as you can see in our video, he was forced to walk the parade route, ahead of the float, seemingly being aided by the two women by his side. Thomas has since apologized for his behavior, an apology the mayor says he accepts.

Consider this: my dad used to tell me, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Mr. Thomas, you're no longer fooling anyone. Your troubles continue to be our city's problem.

The mayor may have accepted your apology, but that doesn't mean your constituents must. It's time for voters to demand his resignation and if he doesn't comply, then it's time to organize a recall effort and make this problem go away.

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