Lawsuit to be filed against individual SCCPSS board members

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A follow-up now to an investigation into the awarding of that $320 million ESPLOST contract last month.

The project management contract was given to a company called Parsons, which has held the contract for the last five years. This despite the scoring by an independent committee which determined a company called Cumming was its number one recommendation.

Worse yet, Cumming representatives claim Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy lied to the board about those results to convince them to give the contract again to Parsons.

Late last week, the board denied Cumming's request for a hearing on the matter saying, "...the award of a contract is discretionary."

On Cumming's threat to sue the school board, the board's lawyers said, "...there is no statutory authority authorizing a suit by a frustrated offeror against the district."

In response, Cumming's attorney did what they promised, insisting a lawsuit was an appropriate course of action and the state statute, "... does not mean that citizens aggrieved by the unlawful conduct of public officers are without recourse."

Cumming has chosen not to sue the board, but instead, each individual voting member, warning the board this will be an, "... extraordinary expense for the taxpayers and exhaustively time consuming."

I reached out to the Savannah-Chatham County Public School Board late Monday afternoon for a comment on the Cumming letter.  It may not have been in time for them to properly respond. 

I will let you know if and when they do.

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