Junior Park Ranger visiting every national park stops by Ft. Pulaski

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - One Junior National Park Ranger is making it her mission to visit every National Park in the United States.

Aida Frey visited Fort Pulaski National Park Tuesday on her quest to step foot in every 417 parks in the system. Tuesday's visit marks 271 and Aida has visited parks in 47 of the 50 states so far.

She and her family drive for all their trips, planning their park visits on how close their locations are. She says she's thankful to be able to participate in something that's recreational, as well as educational.

"I'm from Chicago, so a lot of the things you see, I don't see where I'm from. Obviously, Fort Pulaski is a great example because there are not forts in the city," said Frey.

Aida's family will be making a trip to California next to visit some of the parks there. She says her goal is to be the director of the National Park system one day.

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