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Daytime burglaries on the rise in Beaufort

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Beaufort Police are warning citizens after a string of burglaries took places in the middle of the day Wednesday. 

Officials say the number of homes being victimized is on the rise, and they want to make sure you are aware of how to best protect your home. 

"We've recently had in increase in daytime burglaries, and we wanted the public to know and get the word out so they can contact us if they see anything suspicious in the area," said Sgt. Hope Able, Beaufort PD. 

Over the past few weeks, Beaufort Police say a number of residential single-family homes have been hit by burglars. Officers say these criminals are targeting homes during the day, knowing that the home will be empty during those hours. They want homeowners to be aware that they are seeing this happen in several areas around the city so you can take precautions to protect your home. Officials say to make sure your doors and windows are secured and locked, to always have your cellphone with you if you are outside of your home, and to alert them if you see someone suspicious walking, biking, or driving through the neighborhood.

"If you have neighbors that stay at home during the day, just ask them to keep an eye out. Neighbors that are at home, please keep an eye out for each other. It's a community effort. It takes the police. It takes the community to stick together and work together so we can figure out who's doing this," Sgt. Able said. 

Police are stressing the importance of making sure your homes and properties are secured, and also that you be sure to report anything suspicious that you may see in the area. 

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