Proud to be a GA Farmer: The Boddifords

Proud to be a GA Farmer: The Boddifords

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - Joe and Knapp Boddiford represent the third and fourth generations of their family to farm land in Screven County.

Joe's seen the technology come a long way since he started.

This pivot system behind me, I can actually start it up on my phone. I can monitor it and turn it off the same way," Joe said.

They're still weeks from planting the 450 acres that will make up this year's crop. But they're already thinking ahead to harvest.

A new tractor system can help them maximize their yields by measuring how deep or shallow to dig the peanuts.

The auto-steer will guide the tractor. This system will adjust the digger to go to variable depths. It will control that for you," said Knapp.

The family knows they're part of a crop that's helping feed the world, especially third-world famine victims with a peanut-based product call Mana.

"You give this to children in Africa that are basically starving to death, within a few weeks, it will change their life," Joe said.

Knapp teams up with Clemson University to help study how to make the crop more productive and how to combat the things that threaten it.

Joe says there'll always be another challenge to face in helping feed world.

"As we start out, there's always a stumble, but we have the potential to put more peanuts out there and that's good and good for Georgia," Joe said.

To know they're feeding so many a nutritious product makes the Boddifords proud to be Georgia farmers.

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