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Tire thieves net $175K in stolen goods in 5 break-ins

(Source: Sam Spencer) (Source: Sam Spencer)
(Source: Sam Spencer) (Source: Sam Spencer)
SOS Tire and Auto (Source: WTOC) SOS Tire and Auto (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

Tire stores and CrimeStoppers are banding together to catch thieves targeting places across Chatham County.

In total, they’ve stolen $175,000 worth of tires since November. Police and the victims hope that huge $10,000 reward brings new information to catch them.

It seems like an odd item to steal. Obviously, these men are finding somewhere to drop off the tires for cash.

Sam Spencer said these guys cut the fence at the back of the store, used a crowbar to peel back the metal siding, then casually shopped for their tires before loading them up in a waiting U-Haul.

Surveillance video showed two men inside Carroll Tire in Pooler dressed for work with gloves and all. They stole over $40,000 worth of tires in two break-ins. They moved on to SOS Tire in Garden City. All told, they stole semi-truck tires from three separate warehouses in Chatham County.

"It's almost is like they have a shopping list. They take specific tires. Medium truck tires, big heavy tires,” said Spencer, owner of SOS Tire and Auto.

Spencer’s out more than $15,000 worth of tires due to the group.

"They break through walls, doesn't matter if it's cinder block wall or steel door. They come in at night. They know exactly what they're doing,” said Spencer.

He hopes this new cash reward lands the brazen burglars in jail. He thinks whoever's doing it knows a thing or two about tires.

"They moved a stack of tires like this. When they moved them, it was in labels lined up, so they're definitely from the industry,” said Spencer.

Spencer isn't just calling out the thieves in this video. He also wants to know who's buying their stolen property.

"You know instantly what a truck tire costs. Anybody in the industry knows the going rate for a truck tire. When somebody comes to you and offers that truck tire at a much lesser cost, it can't happen,” said Spencer.

If you know who they are, call police or Crimestoppers at 912.234.2020.

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