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Sen. Davis talks vote against South Carolina gas tax

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A handful of South Carolina state senators have stopped a gas tax bill in its tracks.

The republicans voted in a 23-18 vote earlier this week to the proposal.

The bill would increase license and registration fees, as well as the state’s gas tax by 12 cents over the next six years.

This would generate about $800 million to go into the state’s roads, highways and bridges.

But Senator Tom Davis says he doesn’t support it because the money doesn’t get spent properly.

 “It directs money into areas where projects aren’t needed and our interstates and highways are getting ignored,” said Senator Tom Davis, R-Beaufort. “Instead of having brand new highways in rural areas simply because powerful politicians live there. We need to fix that expenditure process take the politics out of it, take care of what we have, maintain, what we fix the potholes repair the interstates. Once we get those fixes in place then we can look at a gas tax bill if we need more money.”

This year the state is looking at spending $2.2 billion on state roads.

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