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Solar farms to help customers save money in Beaufort County

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Palmetto Electric is a Cooperative Electric Company where it's customers are it's shareholders.

It provides solutions for residents living in the more rural parts of Jasper, Beaufort and Hampton counties. Over the past few months they’ve been working on a project to bring even more options and better service to it's members.

Palmetto Electric has found a way to bring solar energy to residents here in the lowcountry without having to put a panel on their home, it’s just another attempt from the community, organizations and government officials to protect the environment here in the lowcountry. Sunshine, it’s something the lowcountry sees more than 200 days a year.

“It’s just clean renewable energy and this is slick technology," said Rep. Jeffrey Bradley, R-Beaufort District 123. "Sunshine is turned directly into direct current which is converted to alternate current then voila it’s electricity. It’s just wonderful stuff.”

Dozens of these panels are powering homes right now.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist relevant to the sun and solar energy. That makes a lot of sense in South Carolina. But the financing the way it is done in the absence of tremendous tax credits and such is what's so unique about this, the unique finance that they have done," said Rep. Bradley. 

“Customers can purchase up to three shares and a share is a Kilowatt worth of output, central output of the solar farm," said Trey Hunter, Palmetto Electric Co-Op.

The co-op takes the total Kilowatt hours for the month and divide it by 240, the total Kilowatts from the farm, the best part customers can save money.

“They’ll pay a $13 a month fee for their share and they’ll get an average of a $15 credit from us back for the output," said Hunter.

This is one of two solar farms in Jasper County through Palmetto Electric, the other location is in Ridgeland.

If you want to find more information about Palmetto Electric or their solar power initiative, you can visit their site here.

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