Judge to allow cameras in Chatham County death penalty trials

Judge to allow cameras in Chatham County death penalty trials

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A Chatham County judge plans to allow cameras in the courtroom during the death penalty trial of at least three of the four alleged members of the Bloods gang who are facing murder charges.

Tyriek Walker, Timothy Coleman, Jr., Artez Strain and Arthur Newton are accused of shooting and killing 24-year-old Dominique Powell in September of 2016.

There were several hearings today strictly for the media. Rule 22 hearings are specific to death penalty cases. 

Arthur Newton was supposed to have a hearing but his had to be rescheduled.

During each hearing, defense attorneys ask the judge to limit what the media can and can't show. The judge told WTOC Monday that the cameras can only be rolling when the defendants are sitting at the table with their attorney and only if they are dressed in regular clothes.

We are not to show them in shackles or in their jail suits. 

Some of the defense attorneys also requested the media be sensitive about showing family members as well. Judge Morse granted the request for cameras with these specific limitations. 

WTOC will receive a formal order about these specific guidelines which we will be required to follow over the course of the trial and any future hearings.

Again, it's still unclear when they will have a rule 22 hearing for Arthur Newton. As for the other three, they will be formerly arraigned on April 6.

Of course, we will continue to keep you updated.

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