SC Disaster Recovery Office meets to discuss lingering issues after Matthew

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - There are still lingering needs in the state of South Carolina months after Hurricane Matthew.

Multiple agencies are now working together, trying to address those unmet needs and create an action plan.

The Disaster Recovery Office has $65 million to spend on lingering needs from Hurricane Matthew. But here is the catch: 80 percent of that money must be used for Marion County. That allocation comes straight from federal guidelines that assessed the vulnerability index of each county.

Using criteria based on income level, age and disability, Marion County was identified as having more than 600 homes still in need of repair.

So, where does that put the Lowcountry?

The agency identified several pockets in Beaufort and Jasper counties where there are many of those vulnerable citizens. The agency is looking at about $10 million out of the 65 left to be used for the other 23 counties identified in need.

"Quite often a disaster simply reveals a condition that was already there and that's exactly what we're seeing here in South Carolina. The thing that we're after here is to ensure that we get to the most vulnerable citizens. We have no intention of rebuilding Bill Gates' house. The mission is to go after those folks that wouldn't be able to rebuild themselves," said J.R. Sanderson, with the SC Disaster Recovery Office.

The Disaster Recovery Office has until April 24 to submit their final action plan to HUD. They anticipate starting repairs by the fall of 2017.

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