EMA preparing for storms in Liberty County

EMA preparing for storms in Liberty County

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The clouds are definitely getting darker here in Hinesville, and emergency management officials are keeping a close eye on the storm as it approaches.

Schools dismissed early and non-essential personnel were let home around 2 p.m. from Fort Stewart today, so it seems no one is taking any chances with the severe weather today.

Here at the liberty county EMA office, they're in a holding pattern, waiting to see what areas of the county get hit the hardest.

Right now, some of the main concerns are trees falling with the strong winds, and localized flooding.

Another concern is when this storm is hitting, which is right around the evening commute and into the evening hours.

Officials here want to make sure people have their family emergency plans in place and know where the safest interior space is in your home.

Also, have those emergency kits ready with flashlights, water and other essentials. The EMA director emphasized people shouldn't be taking any unnecessary risks, stay home and don't get out in the storm until this passes.

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