Colorado State University's hurricane season forecast released

Colorado State University's hurricane season forecast released

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX (WTOC) - The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1.

Last year served as an unfortunate reminder that coastal Georgia and South Carolina are susceptible to these monstrous storm systems.

The National Tropical Weather Conference continues this week on South Padre Island, Texas. Colorado State University's annual forecast was released by Meteorologist Philip Klotzbacxh.

The Colorado State team has forecast a total of 11 named storms. Four of these named systems are forecast to become hurricanes, and two major/intense hurricanes.

On average (1981-2010), 12 named storms occur each hurricane season; six hurricanes and two major hurricanes. The biggest factor impacting the upcoming hurricane season forecast is the expected development of El Nino; warmer waters across a portion of the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

If this forecast were to be correct, the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season would remain just below average.

However, even in the quietest hurricane seasons, it only takes one tropical system to impact your life adversely.

Stay with WTOC, your Hurricane authority, throughout the upcoming hurricane season.

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