Arrest Made in Dena Carter Murder

Dena Carter, 1979-2003.
Dena Carter, 1979-2003.

After almost two years of unanswered questions, there's finally an arrest in a crime that rocked the community of Statesboro, the murder of university student Dena Carter.

Police held a news conference in Statesboro, handing down the official word around 5pm. Police from Georgia Southern University along with the FBI announced the arrest of Michael Natson, 24, of Montgomery, Alabama.

Natson was a member of the US Army at the time of the murder. He's believed to have been romantically involved with Carter, who was six months pregnant when she disappeared on September 11, 2003.

The announcement of the arrest comes more than a year and a half after her body was found at Fort Benning. It is a relief for police and for her mother, Diane Crooms, who has been in contact every week since Carter first went missing.

"I talked to Ms. Crooms about 20 minutes ago and she is just ecstatic, just as happy as she could be that an arrest has been made in the murder of her daughter," Det. Terry Briley of the Statesboro Police Department told us. "She had known about it about an hour ago, but she can't express how happy she is at the work that's been done on this case."

Natson has been indicted in Carter's murder. We do not yet have a court date for Natson's plea.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,