Good News: AAA teen driving safety

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - AAA teamed up with students at Islands High School on Friday to make sure students know the dangers of driving drunk headed to prom.

The AAA team's booth included a drunk-driving simulator, where students got an opportunity to see what it was like to drive impaired. They were also able to experience a field sobriety test, and how difficult it can be to complete when under the influence of alcohol.

AAA spokesperson Garrett Townsend believes that these simulations can help students realize that driving drunk is simply not worth the risk.

"Because it's not worth their life or my life, so I just wouldn't do it. I would take their keys or make sure they get home safe and not do it while they're drunk or on drugs," said Karen Beaty, a 10th grader at Islands High.

"You know, when we get an email or a call after the prom, and they tell us that all of the students made it home safely, for us, we find that to be successful because really we're just trying to save one life at a time," said Townsend.

Islands High School will be holding their prom Saturday evening. School officials are hopeful that students will enjoy themselves and drive responsibly.

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