Two Injured in Boat Explosion

An accident at a dock lands two people in the hospital and leaves a boat destroyed. An official with the Department of Natural Resources says a boat exploded about 6pm yesterday evening at the Two Way Fish Camp in Brunswick.

Managers say a boater overfilled his 140-gallon fuel tank. He pumped 260 gallons of gas, which overflowed in the boat and the surrounding water. When the boater turned the ignition, a spark prompted the explosion.

Someone on the docks rushed aboard and rescued the boater and a passenger. Both are being treated at a hospital burn unit.

Since the explosion, the boat has sunk. The fire department installed booms to contain the fuel on the water although most of it was consumed by the fire and the outgoing tide.

Agents with the Environmental Protection Division say they will be on the scene today.

Reported by: WTOC staff