Total Focus Targets East Savannah

If you drove through East Savannah last night, you probably saw a lot of police cars. Two different precincts of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department had a Total Focus exercise, literally saturating several neighborhoods with officers.

They had close to 50 officers, a helicopter and a couple K-9 units out, and even set up roadblocks near some of the problem areas, looking for any and every infraction they could. The exercise had police watching everything and everyone carefully.

"A lot of it deals with traffic first, and that usually leads to other things and usually leads to a good arrest," said Sgt. Dionne Thompson. "Really good arrests."

Those good arrests often mean drug busts, and now is a busy time of year, since school's out. "We tend to deal with a lot of juveniles," said Sgt. Thompson. "They have nothing to do so they start doing mischievous things."

Police also set up roadblocks, checking everyone's license, registration and proof of insurance. Some of the people getting tickets Wednesday didn't even seem to mind.

"I think everyone needs to be accountable," said Valencia Thornton of Atlanta. "It keeps us on our toes and make sure that we always have the proper items in our cars and since I didn't, guess what? I will have mine next time."

One of the biggest problems they ran into at Goebel and Gwinnett was cars with windows that were tinted too dark, something that's only been enforced for about three weeks now.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,