Consider This: Severe Weather

Consider This: Severe Weather

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Here at WTOC we are pleased to bring you the news, weather, sports and entertainment programming you make a regular part of your lives.

This past weekend, tens of thousands of viewers were glued to WTOC to witness history as Sergio Garcia sank his putt in sudden death to win the Masters, his first major victory in his long storied career.

A few days earlier, we likely had just as big of an audience, even if it were for a very different reason. Last Wednesday was declared a First Alert Weather day by our team of meteorologists. And their first alerts of the pending storm proved to be right on target.

The first of the potentially dangerous and life threatening storms developed around 4 p.m. and lingered non-stop for the next three and a half hours. Our team was there from beginning to end to get you through and fortunately for everyone, trees down, lightning strikes and heavy hail. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Later in the evening when the second line passed through and there was again threat to life and property, we once again came on to see you through. And while many praised us for our commitment to coverage, I did get a few emails from folks who were upset that we were interrupting their programs.

Consider this: our job as broadcasters is to serve our communities, and that's what we did last week during the storms. We recognize we do serve a large geographic area and storms producing tornados, heavy winds and hail west of I-95 may not even create a drizzle to the east of the interstate.

But our job is to serve everybody, no matter what. So if that means someone in Ardsley Park is going to a miss a portion of NCIS so we can keep folks safe in Statesboro, then that's what we're going to do. It's not only our commitment to you, but our responsibility as a licensed broadcaster.

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