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Burton firefighters celebrate retirement of longstanding member

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Firefighters are known to have a tight-knit bond - often referred to as a brotherhood - but what happens when one member hangs up his hat and retires from service? When it comes to saying goodbye, the Burton Fire District honors a longstanding tradition. 

If you were in Beaufort Tuesday morning, you may have heard the engines' sirens ringing out and lighting up the dark sky, but it wasn't for an emergency. Instead, it was a celebration to honor one of their long-serving members, Lt. Rick Crob, who is retiring from service. He's the one who trained most of the guys riding in the trucks through the station to say their goodbyes. 

"I've always tried to give my knowledge to anybody that would listen. It's no good if I walk away with all that experience and knowledge and don't share it with the guys," Lt. Crob said. 

It's a tradition Crob started himself. Now, it's him they're surprising with that honor. His brothers are what he says he'll miss the most. It's a mutual feeling around the firehouse. 

"It's very tough seeing him leave. We've been through a lot together," said John Thompson, Buron Fire District. 

Tuesday marks 28 years of service - 20 with Burton. It's the message he has taped up in his locker that keeps him going every day. 

"It changed stations. It goes everywhere I go. It's something that you think about every day while you're here; 'Did I make a difference today?' 

After all these years, the answer...

"I hope so. You'll have to ask the next generation that," Lt. Crob said. 

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