Top Teen--Tyler Priebe

You can't always be on the job. You get sick or take vacation, or maybe you just need a day to rest. But for one student, not showing up is never an option.

We caught up with Tyler Priebe just days before he graduated from Battery Creek High School. During his time there, Tyler was extremely involved in several activities and organizations, including baseball and the National Honor Society.

His favorite duty of all is JROTC. Tyler says it changed his life. "Before I was really shy. Now I have no problem walking up to someone an starting a conversation."

Friends and family describe him as an respectful young man. But, long before JROTC, Tyler was on a positive path to success. At just five years old, he vowed to never miss a day of school. "After kindergarten I kind of made it a personal goal, because grandpa gave me a toy, so I wanted one every year."

And every year, he got that toy. Tyler says it taught him discipline early on. And to him, that goes hand in hand with JROTC. "It brings a lot of honor to the school. It's a fun program and it's a good way for kids to get involved in the community."

And that's why Tyler Priebe is this week's Top Teen.

As for college, Tyler plans to head to USC in the fall and he wants to try out for the college baseball team.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,