Calvary steeple repaired, returned in time for Easter Sunday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Calvary Baptist's steeple has returned to the top of the church just in time for Easter Sunday.

It was removed a month ago to repair damages caused by Tropical Storm Hermine and Hurricane Matthew.

A metal-working group completed the repairs. but had to wait to replace it because the process interfered with school.

Friday, it made its rightful return.

The vice president of Metalcrafts Inc. tells us he is thankful to see the finished project.

"I feel good. I think everything went smoothly. I can't think of a better weekend to have the steeple back up before Easter Sunday. I think the church members will be happy to see it," said Metalcrafts Vice President Jeffery Lancaster.

Lancaster also jokingly mentioned that he made sure the crucifix atop the steeple was facing the appropriate way, knowing that would be an important detail for churchgoers.

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