Vets gather for beach day on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - For many veterans, one of the toughest obstacles they face isn't in any war zone, it's what happens when they return home from service and try to readjust to civilian life.

Sunday, the organization Vetscape brought veterans together, empowering them to find their next mission in life.

This weekend a group of veterans from across the country gathered on Tybee Island, taking on the waves in their latest mission, kiteboarding.

"I feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself," said Frances Osorio Rivera, Vetscape Athlete, Kiteboarding Instructor. "Something that, you know, is really gratifying and makes me look forward to more and more things."

They're part of Vetscape, an action sports and outdoor adventure organization focused on uniting veterans. For many struggling to adjust to civilian life after combat, these missions offer support and a community.

Recreating the structure, training, and camaraderie that came with the military.

"Vetscape is the catalyst," said Michael Kucik, Vetscape Sponsor. "But the real drive comes from each and every veteran. So, anything I want to do, every one of these guys and gals is here to help me do."

For them it's about changing the perception people have of veterans. As well as sharing their message with their fellow service members: "life doesn't end when military service does."

"When you ask a civilian what they think of when they think of a veteran, it's always PTSD, homelessness, wounded guys and joblessness. All these negative things. If that's all we focus on, you know, the identity of a veteran is gonna become this broken image. And that's not the truth. By showcasing guys that are out there doing these amazing things, it helps give veterans that may be down, something kind of like, 'Hey, I can do this," said Kucik.

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