Hometown Hero: Woof Gang Bakery honors Don Logana

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We are just a few of weeks away from Savannah's MS Walk, which will be another reminder of our Don Logana.

One local businessman is paying tribute to Don through his support of an event that became a big part of his life. The owner of Woof Gang Bakery and this WTOC Hometown Hero are trying to honor someone he called a friend.

As much as they always mean to the pets and people they're for, every leash, every chew toy, every dog treat bought at Woof Gang Bakery this week will have added meaning.

"All four of our stores downtown, we're giving five percent of our sales to the MS Walk," said Paul Allen

And they're doing it in memory of WTOC's Don Logana, a friend of Allen's the way he seemed to be a friend to all of Savannah.

"Don was one of the first people I met in town, and I think he was that guy who was always friendly and made a point to come in and say hello," Allen recalls. "He could be running in one direction and he would stop and come in and say hello. And that was one of the wonderful things about him."

And it is wonderful to see that personality still remembered and honored five months after Don passed away.

He was the area's greatest champion of the MS Walk in the years after his sister was diagnosed. And it is fitting that his tireless fundraising will continue through this gesture being made by Woof Gang Bakery.

"We would have supported it anyway and it's just now we feel we want to do a little more. So, giving five percent of sales should be a nice amount of money, we should be able to give to it," said Allen.

And in doing so, Don's spirit will be kept alive. One WTOC Hometown Hero paying tribute to another.

"He made a point of making me feel comfortable here," Allen remembers. "And that was one of the nicest things when I was new in town. Not a lot of people who would do that and Don was the first person who showed me that the people of Savannah were so kind. That comes across so much now in Savannah living here, you see that in so many people, but Don was the first person to do it."

The 2017 MS Walk will be held May 6 at Daffin Park. And it will be dedicated this year to Don.

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