WTOC Good News: National Lineman Appreciation Month

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Throughout April, Georgia Power is recognizing National Lineman Appreciation Month.

One of the ways they are marking the event is by educating young children about power and the job of dealing with it.

It was a powerful message being delivered at Calvary Day School Thursday morning.

"I learned about safety and to wear rubber gloves."

"If one of the power lines is on the ground, not to touch it."

And it made an even greater impression because of who delivered it.

Georgia Power linemen visited the Calvary Lower School and shared with the young students the excitement, challenges and safety concerns about keeping everyone's lights on.

"This was actually an amazing day. We've never done this before. It was great for them to see some safety tips they're already aware of. Especially with the storms that come through Savannah, they I'm sure are going to go home and tell their parents and sisters and brothers the tips they have learned today for staying safe. It was great," said Calvary Lower School Principal Marianne Chase.

The school visits are part of National Lineman Appreciation Month and are also meant to teach students what it takes to work on power lines.

"You have to be smart, you have to be physically fit, you have to know a lot about science and engineering. They're some of the best employees we have, our best and brightest," said Swann Seiler, with Georgia Power.

And, as the students saw, they get to ride in a really cool truck.

"I think after Hurricane Matthew, we saw a resurgence of interest in electrical utility occupations and we have a lot of questions young people ask us, how do I go to work for Georgia Power or how do I become a lineman," said Seiler.

A lot of those questions were answered at Calvary, where students now have a greater appreciation for the power and the men and women who provide it.

"We will say it again and again, thank you Georgia Power. Absolutely, we love them and this just confirms what we knew about them, they are a great part of our life and they make it easier for us. But now we know how to stay safer every day," said Chase.

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