Proud to be a GA Farmer: Ben Sanders

LYONS, GA (WTOC) - The average American stays with a job less than five years, so when you meet a man whose family's been doing something for five generations, you must take notice.

"If the farmer goes out, everybody goes out. You got to eat, you got to put clothes on your back," said Ben Sanders, from Lyons, GA.

Sanders has you covered on both of those fronts: food and clothes. He planted 100 acres of corn in mid-March. Next month he'll add 350 acres of peanuts and 1,200 acres of cotton to these fields. It's spring and Ben's optimistic.

"We got to be positive. Commodity prices inching up, I'm looking for a good year," said Sanders.

Sanders needs those prices to go up because his expenses have gone up.  U.S. agricultural output has nearly tripled since 1948, according to the USDA, but that improvement has come with costs ranging from technology to genetics.

"How much does this cost?"

"Too much," replied Sanders.

"Paid for?"

"Paying for," Sanders said. "Years ago, you just planted it and the price was there. You didn't have as much input cost: fertilizer, seed, equipment."

Ben's the fourth generation on this land. He's walking with his nephews who are the fifth and sixth.

They know that whatever the prices are they'll be right back here next year.

"It's what we've always done," Sanders said.

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