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Multiple agencies continue drug trafficking investigation at Ft. Stewart

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Just this week, Fort Stewart announced that some of their soldiers were apprehended on drug charges.

Thursday, we're hearing from local law enforcement assisting with the on-going investigation about what's been uncovered so far. Right now, we know numerous military and some non-military personnel have been targeted by this investigation, and it's not over yet. 

For the past three months, the Liberty County Sheriffs Office, Hinesville Police Department, GBI, Fort Stewart's Criminal Investigation Division and even the DEA have been rounding up those believed to be tied to the sale, possession, or use of cocaine.

"It is a trafficking case, which is anything in the state of Georgia that's over 28 grams of cocaine, and it is substantially over that," said Maj. Jeff Hein, Liberty County Sheriff's Office. 

Major Jeff Hein says this isn't the first time drugs have shown up at a military installation. He says influences, even negative ones, can permeate the gates of Fort Stewart. 

"You have people from all over the country that come to this area, so with them, they bring all their forms of where they're from and their connections and everything else. So, when you have those types of things, and those types of people who get together, it comes from all over the place here," he said. 

Hein says the rumors of dozens or even near 100 people being arrested, and that the Fort was on lockdown, are simply not true.

"We have two people in our custody right now pertaining to this investigation. One was kind of an offshoot, and then we have the main individual who we have, and that's Mario Figueroa," Maj. Hein said. 

Hein says more arrests are possible in the coming days and weeks.

As for the exact number of soldiers apprehended, Fort Stewart and local law-enforcement are not releasing that number to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

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