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Orange Crush: Multi-agency effort on Tybee Island

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

Hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors are expected on Tybee Island this weekend for the second installment of Orange Crush.

The annual unsanctioned beach party hasn't had the best reputation in recent years, forcing the police department to have all hands on deck. WTOC got to ride along with one of Tybee's officers.

We've seen a lot of blue lights up and down 80 to Butler Avenue. We even saw a few traffic stops first hand in the ride along, all in less than an hour.

Police are here from local and state agencies. They're keeping an eye out for any trouble, using technology like license plate readers to find a stolen car out of Garden City, and make a stop that yielded an illegal gun. 

"You're here to make sure that everybody has a good, safe time," said Officer D'Andre Taylor, TIPD. "Safety is the main aspect."

Officer D'Andre Taylor's car is outfitted with the plate readers, and built in speed detectors. 

The plate reader has a beeping noise or tone when the plate reader is working and picking up a plate number. The readers process the driver's insurance and registration, letting police know about any potential violations instantaneously.

Officer Taylor has less than a year under his belt with Tybee Police, but he isn't new to Orange Crush. Taylor worked for Savannah State's police department, and covered the event during his time there. 

"Here is a lot more open environment. Just all-around a different culture here, versus on campus," said Officer Taylor.

Taylor says more open areas, like near the pier, allow larger crowds to form. Sometimes, police beef up their presence to maintain the peace. 

"Usually if you can keep the officer presence up, you can keep some of the crime at bay, if there is any crime to occur," said Officer Taylor.

Police will be working through the night, and be on hand tomorrow, for what is expected to be the busiest day yet for Orange Crush.

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