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Summer months could mean increase in burglaries

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(Source: Donna Schneider) (Source: Donna Schneider)
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(Source: Donna Schneider) (Source: Donna Schneider)
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As temperatures rise so too does certain crime around Chatham County. Numbers show it, and police agree: this is the time when thieves begin to get even more greedy.

Some people on the islands think it could be the beginning of another long summer. Residents living along Highway 80 saw it last year.

Once again, brazen burglars are hitting in broad daylight. Burglars hit a home on Talahi Island last week. Once inside, they wasted no time getting to work.

"From there I think they saw this is the office, we had a laptop here on the desk,” said homeowner and victim Ed Schneider.

The thieves ransacked the closet and master bedroom. An unlikely person stopped the crime in its tracks.

"The FedEx man rang the doorbell with his delivery which spooked them and there were obviously two of them. They kicked out the screen,” said Schneider.

"We thought we were doing everything we needed to do to feel safe in our house. We're always here. We literally left one of the very few times we leave the house,” said Donna Schneider.

The Schneiders think this break-in signals the beginning of a long summer for them and other residents.

"The word is out; the islands are prey,” said Donna Schneider.

For the last three years, home burglaries have sharply increased into the summer per numbers from SCMPD. Police said the heat and other factors contribute to increasing crime.

The biggest thing is to add security systems to protect you and your family. The Schneiders are already doing that and more.

"All of our equipment that we're going to get is going to focus on outside the house so we can deter them from getting in,” said Ed Schneider.

"Every time you go out the door, you have to worry about whether somebody will break in and that's no quality of life at all. So, this will give us the peace of mind to know that we're doing something,” said Donna Schneider.

When it comes to this break-in, the damage is done emotionally and financially. It's something they hope never happens again.

It is important to note, property crime across Savannah is down a little more than 10 percent this year.  For the islands precinct, it's down nearly 30 percent.

If you do see something suspicious though, call police right away.

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