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WTOC Hometown Hero: Little boy saves grandmother's life

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A little boy from Jesup who likes watching police shows sprang into action when he was most needed recently - and it made all the difference to his family. 

This WTOC Hometown Hero already knows what it's like to be a lifesaver. DeNair Houston reacted quickly when a situation turned dangerous at his house recently. 

"We were in the room watching a movie, and she went to sleep and passed out at the same time. Then she started shaking," DeNair said. 

Eight-year-old DeNair was at home with his four-year-old sister and his grandmother when Sharon Lee suffered a diabetic seizure. 

"And the next thing I know, there's the ambulance and the fire people all here," Lee said. 

She only got the help she needed because DeNair remembered what he was told to do in an emergency, and then he did everything he was told. 

"At first, I was only going to call Mama, but I said 'no, I've got to call the police, Mama can't handle this, she is not the police," DeNair said. 

"He had to guide them through guide points and landmarks to get here, and describe the house and everything, describe what she was going through, how things were, what type of problem she was having," said Curtisa Johnson, DeNair's mother. 

DeNair handled everything like an expert and got the attention of the police officers he looks up to. 

WTOC: "Did they tell you you're a hero?"

DeNair: "A lot of people told me that."

He was honored at school with a certificate and a pizza party and received a personal letter of congratulations in the mail. 

"The world needs more kids like you. Sincerely, O.C. Welch III," the letter said. 

The most rewarding gratitude for this WTOC Hometown Hero has come at home. 

"I really, truly appreciate you. You'll be in my heart forever," DeNair's grandmother said. 

"I'm just so happy he was here because if it wasn't for him, my Mom wouldn't be with us today, and I'm so blessed," said DeNair's mother. 

DeNair says he would like to be a policeman when he grows up, and that he felt like he was doing police work and calling for backup when he saved his grandmother. 

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