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Garden City business owners left reeling after tornado

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A tornado that slammed Garden City on Thursday left behind hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Some locally owned businesses don't know what their insurance will even pick up.

The owner of Garden City Auto Center still can't believe what happened. For them. it's time to cleanup and get back to business at this auto center.

"Unfortunately, most of these cars are going to end up getting scrapped,” said owner Jason O’Neil. "Right now, I just feel like I was punched in the chest over and over and over again."

Walking through O'Neil's parking lot will remind you how strong Mother Nature is.

"At first I thought the red van over there smashed into this, we later found out it was the big sign that came from the damage over there that is still over in the woods,” said O’Neil.

A stop light landed near his boat. The front end of a van is completely smashed in. Nothing can be salvaged. 

“[This] would’ve been a great project car for someone or someone needed a daily driver. It was great. And now it's gone. It's not worth fixing. It's not worth bringing back,” said O”Neil, standing next to a totaled car.

O'Neil still has a lot of questions—like how to even begin recovering.

"Everybody is OK. Our tools are still good. We can rebuild. The amount of damage on all these cars. Everything has to be scrapped,” said O”Neil.

It’s long process but a necessary one to get back in business.

Surprisingly, the building didn't get messed up too bad. An employee and two customers were inside when it happened. It's a miracle there were no serious injuries when this tornado hit.

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