Hurricane Preparedness Week: Develop an Evacuation Plan

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Develop an Evacuation Plan

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hurricane Preparedness Week continues Monday, May 8, and will last through Saturday, May, 13.

Monday's topic; "Develop an evacuation plan."

Before hurricane season begins, education yourself about what threats your property is most likely to be impacted by during a tropical system. Have an idea how high above sea level your home is, what watershed you live in and if you are in a flood plain.

Historically, a tropical system's most dangerous threat is storm surge, sea water that is pushed ashore by a system, wind and low barometric pressure.

Therefore, those living closest to the coast are often told to evacuate first. They are most at-risk for deadly impacts by any given tropical storm or hurricane. Evacuation information will vary, depending on the area of coastline being impacted and the strength of the system.

As a storm system approaches, pay close attention to the forecast and what elected officials and local agencies are saying.

If you are told you must leave, do so.

Once the decision is made, the entire evacuation process will be easier if you know your suggested route. Depending on your location, there may only be one evacuation route.

Before leaving, secure your home and bring a kit with necessary supplies. You may be on the road for many hours. Having a full tank of gas before you leave, snacks for the ride and emergency documents in-tow will ensure as smooth a process as possible.

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