Consider This: Police Study

Consider This: Police Study

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There's no doubt the  City of Savannah and Chatham County love them some studies.

Over the past few years they've studied, DeRenne Avenue expansion, parking problems, art centers and new arenas.  There have even been studies to look at previous studies. At this point we have very little to show for all that knowledge except hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions spent on studies.

The most recent study commissioned by our city and county leaders came out last week. It's a $100,000 study looking at our Metro Police Department and making recommendations on how they can best combat our area's crime issue and better protect and serve us.

After months of looking at how our Metro department works and comparing it to eight other similar departments, the conclusions were very consistent with what Chief Jack Lumpkin has been telling us for two years: we need more officers on the streets. We need to improve response time, and we need to make an investment in our 911 center, as well as the technology used to gather data and information.

Consider this: If Savannah's City Manager, Mayor and Council, along with the Chatham County Commission take this study to heart and follow through on the recommendations then the $100,000 was money well spent. If they take the study and throw in the drawer with the dusty DeRenne Avenue expansion study and others, then our crime will continue to be an issue and we'll all be victims of government waste.

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