Reidsville Residents Complain of Poor Mail Service

Do you get annoyed when your mail arrives late, damaged, or not at all? One neighborhood in Reidsville, in Tattnall County, says all three have been happening to them for the past 15 years and they are tired of it.

They have filed complaints with the Reidsville post office, but they say the problem crossed the line when a blind man who lives nearby had problems with his mail. He gets Braille letters and magazines, which arrive folded, rolled and bent, basically meaning he couldn't read it at all.

"It's open and it's raining," Gwen Harrison complained of her mail today. She says her mailman is just plain bad. "You see. It's wet."

For 15 years, Harrison has had problems with mail delivery. "He'll just cram anything in here," she showed us.

And she has complained to the Reidsville post office. "If we call and complain, he will not deliver," she said.

But Harrison's real issue lies with her blind nephew, Volly Nelson. Nelson is 27 and was born blind. He says his mail is special. It's in Braille.

"Don't bend it, fold it or roll it, cause I can't read it," he said.

In bold print are warnings for the mailman. "The problem is, he just rolls it and treats it poorly," said Nelson.

He says it hasn't happened just once or twice, but "almost every day. Just about."

"The only enjoyment he has is his mail," said Harrison.

So WTOC called the postmaster to find out what's going on. The post office has received several complaints about Harrison's mailman. Many of them from Harrison . From now on, the post office says it will inspect her mail before it is delivered, and if it is damaged when it arrives, they know whom to blame.

"I couldn't get nowhere, and now they are telling me they are going to do this and do that now," she said.

Today, Nelson's mail was delivered in better condition. He's happy, but holding wet mail, his aunt feels there is still room for improvement.

"They shouldn't have to check on him like he's a two-year-old," she said. "I want my mail delivered on time and in the shape it left, without damages."

Harrison called us for help, but the US Postal Service says, if you are having problems with your mail delivery, give your post office a call and file a complaint.

Reported by: Don Logana,