Hurricane Preparedness Week: Assemble Disaster Supplies

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Assemble Disaster Supplies

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hurricane Preparedness Week continues through Saturday, May, 13.

Tuesday's task, "Assemble disaster supplies."

First things first, if storm surge is expected to threaten your residence, leave. If officials mandate you to evacuate, leave.

If neither of those apply to you and you choose to stay, have a set of supplies that will get you and your loved ones through a tropical system's aftermath safely and with as little discomfort as possible.

Before hurricane season begins, assemble an organized kit consisting of enough food and water to last each person at least three days, extra medication and copies of prescriptions, as well as important documentation.

In the aftermath of a tropical storm or hurricane, it is likely that you will be without electricity for several days, possibly weeks. While a generator can alleviate some of the burden, purchasing non-perishable foods, or foods that don't require refrigeration, will assure that you and the rest of your party will be well fed in the aftermath of a storm.

Don't forget about water. If the power is out and water pressure decreases, the quality of tap-water becomes questionable. Have one gallon of water per day, per person, before disaster strikes. If relying on tap-water, boiling to kill bacteria is suggested.

If a significant storm strikes your area, pharmacies may remain closed for an extended period of time after it passes. Make sure that your prescription is filled and in your supply kit.

If your medication needs to be refrigerated, keep it in a cooler. If ice is unavailable, freeze water-filled milk containers; placing them in a closed container with medication in water-proof bags.

Other essentials in the aftermath of a tropical system include insurance documentation, copies of prescriptions and cash. ATM's, credit-card machines, etc., likely won't be available to use after a natural disaster.

For a complete hurricane supply kit checklist, click here. Also, visit WTOC's Hurricane Center page, your hurricane authority, through hurricane season 2017.

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