Brian Harman's unsung hero on the golf course

PONTA VEDRA BEACH, FL (WTOC) - There are unsung heroes on a golf course. The guys that are expected to know each hole, each shot like the back of their hands, that are supposed to keep a player true to the game plan and carry the bag.

In Brian Harman's case, that is former Georgia Southern player and now caddy Scott Tway, who has been on the bag for Savannah's Brian Harman for years. On Sunday, it was a career-defining moment for Brian, but also Tway who they call "Big Country."

He recalls the 72nd hole for us today.

"Well, you want him to want to go for it. That's the kind of attitude that you need to have if you're going to win," said Tway. "I was going through the same thing so, we were feeling the same thing so I'm excited for him, excited for me and for both of us to come together in the high five. I was fun, it was a rush."

"I didn't know how it was going to happen on Sunday. But I had a good feeling that something was going to happen, and I get those feelings sometimes, and sometimes you feel like nothing goof is going to happen. It's about putting yourself in those positions to be successful," said Harman.

The name Tway carries some weight in the game of golf. Scott is the younger brother of Bob Tway, now playing on the senior tour and his cousin Kevin had a top-5 finish last week at the Wells Fargo Championship playing against Harman.

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